Some of SolarLand's Products

Solarland, a True Off-Grid Company

With the higher demand for large solar modules (240W or more) used in grid-tie applications, it has become hard to find manufacturers committed to the off-grid segment of the market. The options for individuals and companies looking for solar panels that properly suit the requirements of their low voltage projects have been reduced.

Companies like Kyocera and ET Solar have always included low voltage modules in their PV portfolio. However, it comes to no surprise that Kyocera has discontinued their KC85 model, a popular 12V 85W solar panel, to focus on their 140 Watt 12-Volt KD140 models and high voltage 250W and 325W polycristalline panels targeting residential and commercial grid-tie projects.

This transition opened opportunities for companies like Solarland, a manufacturer specialized in solar off-grid applications. Solarland offers PV panels rated at 6, 12 and 24 Volts specifically designed to be paired with off-grid systems operating at the same voltage.

Some of SolarLand's Products

Some of Solarland’s Products

Solarland’s polycrystalline solar panels can be found at a rated power ranging from 5W to 130W. Besides the wide selection of solar panels, they carry mounting options for all of their panels as well as charge controllers, lights, power backups, complete kits and more. They even have a replacement for the extinct Kyocera 85W solar panel, with the same dimensions and power output.

Solarland offers a whole line of products oriented to RV and boat owners. They carry rounded and skinny solar panels designed to fit constrained spaces frequently found in boats. Marine brackets are built with anti-corrosive materials like stainless steel and sun resistant plastic.

In summary, if you own an off-grid system or you are working on a 12, 24 or 48 Volt solar project, Solarland has you covered!

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