Tigo Energy - MMU Monitoring Unit

Can I use Tigo Maximizers with Off-Grid Solar Systems?

The Tigo power maximizers are designed to operate on solar photovoltaic systems connected to the grid, however, theycan be used in off-grid solar systemswith battery banks rated at 12, 24 and 48 volts.

To use the Tigo Maximizers in battery-based solar systems, we must consider two points:

a) The output voltage of each solar panel must be compatible with the input voltage of the maximizer. In the case of Tigo Maximizer MM-ES50, which has a voltage range of 16-48 volts, the Maximum Power Voltage (Vmp) solar panel must be greater than 16V and less than 48V. Most 12V solar panels can achieve this, however it is always advisable to check.

b) The charge controller must feature Maximum Power Point Traker. The maximizers always seek the balance between voltage and current in the solar panels output in order to operate at full capacity. If your charge controller which regulates the battery charging has not MPPT, the maximizers may not be able to modify its operating voltage and therefore will not function correctly.

Besides increasing the power generated by the solar array, the Tigo maximizers enable system monitoring via the MMU. For further information regarding power maximizers please visit the website of Tigo Energy.

Tigo Energy - MMU Monitoring Unit

Tigo Energy – MMU Monitoring Unit