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Off-gird or Standalone inverters convert direct current (DC) at 12, 24 or 48 volts to alternate current (AC). Inverters for use in Canada, USA, Mexico and many countries in Latin America should have an output of 120V and 60Hz in order to supply power to conventional electronics and appliances (most inverters available on this website have this ...
  • Portable Inverters
    Portable Inverters
    These inverters convert the energy stored in a battery into alternating current (AC) to power conventional electronic devices and appliances. The input from the batteries can be 12 or 24 Volts of direct current (DC), the output to power the load is 120V of alternating current (AC) and a frequency of 60Hz. European models, or export versions, have an output of 110V and 50Hz, these inverters are not compatible with appliances used in the USA or Mexico. The output power of these inverters range between 150W and 2000W. They are lightweight so that they can be easily carried and transported. Another characteristic of these inverters is that they are plug-and-play and the same inverter can be used in different systems. Some of the small models feature a car cigarette lighter plug making them ideal for recreational systems where loads do not require much power. The larger inverters between 600W and 2000W, can be used for loads with high power requirements such as refrigerators, power tools, telecommunication systems, etc. These inverters can be classified in two groups: pure sine wave and modified sine wave inverters. Modified sine wave inverters are cheaper and work with most electrical appliances. You must use pure sine wave inverters to power motors, charging certain types of batteries, power digital clocks, timers and other electronics. If you are not sure if your loads will run in a modified sine wave unit, it is advised you get a pure sine wave inverter to be on the safe side. Another point worth mentioning is that motors and some machinery have power surges on start up that can be up to 4 times the nominal power of the device. Please check for any power surge and size you inverter accordingly.
  • Off-Grid Inverters
    Off-Grid Inverters
    Consider these inverters when more power is needed. These inverters are fed by mid to large 12, 24, 48-Volt battery banks and they require a permanent installation. The power range of these inverters is from 2000W to 6000W. These inverters feature complex electronics and algorithms allowing them to be stacked to have a system capable of supplying several Kilowatts of power. The systems containing these types of inverters operate at voltages that can be dangerous. It is always important that they are installed by a trained technician or a person with knowledge on standalone power systems and how to handle batteries safely. In most cases, these inverters are combined with accessories that provide advanced features like remote monitoring via the internet. They also feature displays to monitor values like the batteries' state of charge and load consumption. These systems can supply power to cabins, boats and RVs, as well as to large telecommunication systems or to entire remote communities.
  • Pre-wired Systems
    Pre-wired Systems

    In this section you can find a large selection of accessories and components for your standalone renewable energy system, whether it is solar, wind or hydro powered. Here you can also find prewired systems that will save you time and money. The prewired systems have been pre-configured; they need to be mounted and connected to the power sources like you solar panels, wind turbine and batteries. For many years Outback Power has offered their Flexpower systems, a series of complete factory tested prewired systems that can accommodate up to 4 of their FX series inverters. Midnite Solar's compact and durable E-Panels are another prewired solution for OutBack Power FX, VFX, GFX, and GVFX inverters. They include a HUB, a Mate monitor and an optional FM60 charge controller. The complete prewired systems in this section include all the components you need to safely operate and maintain your renewable energy system.

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