IOTA DLS-55 Battery Charger 12V, 55Amp


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The IOTA DLS series converter/power supply output is so clean and ripple-free, it can be used with or without a battery. The DLS series converter/charger quickly and efficiently charges batteries from the full rated output of the DLS. The DLS then maintains the batteries, only putting into the battery what is required by load or self discharge, cutting back to milliamps as the battery requires.

Low and transient AC line voltage can be a major cause of converter/power supply failure. The DLS series converter/power supply is protected against low line voltage, spikes from the AC power source, or from improperly adjusted generators. When used as a power supply, the DLS model will only supply what is required by the load. When not in use it is essentially off, reducing electricity usage. External fuses can be quickly and easily replaced.

The DLS Series automatic battery charger/power supply uses switch-mode technology to insure service-free operation even when subjected to extremely harsh conditions. The clean DC output operates electronic and motor loads from a compact housing. They feature regulated converter/power supply, tight line-load regulation, a Dual Voltage jack for two-stage charging, proportional cooling fan control, current limiting, transient voltage protection, and short circuit/over-current protection. The optional IQ4 Smart Controller adds 3-stage charge control to the DLS Series Chargers by plugging it into the Dual Voltage jack on the DLS unit.2-year warranty


Technical specifications for IOTA Battery Charger DLS -55

DC Output Voltage (No Load) approx. 13.6V (DC) 
Output Voltage Tolerance (No Load) + or - .7% 
Output Amperage, Max Continuous 55 Amps 
Output Voltage (Full Load) approx. >13.4V (DC) 
Maximum Power Output, Continuous 750 Watts 
Ripple and Noise <50 mV rms 
Input Voltage Range 108 - 132 AC 
Input Voltage Frequency 47-63 
Maximum AC Current (@108VAC) 13.4 Amps 
Typical Efficiency >80% 
Max Inrush Current, Single Cycle 30 Amps 
Short Circuit Protection Yes 
Overload Protection >100% 
Line Regulation 100 mV rms 
Load Regulation <1.5% 
Fan Control* Proportional 
Thermal Protection YES 
Working Temperature Range 0° - 40° C 
Storage Temperature -20° to 80° C 
Withstand Voltage (VDC)** 1700/1700/500 
Dimensions† 9.7′′ x 6.7′′ x 3.4′′ 
Weight 5.0 lbs 


Charger efficiency approximately 85%. 24 Vdc and 48 Vdc models available.


IOTA ModelOutput VdcOutput AmpsInput Vac
DLS-1513.6 - 14.2 Volts15 Amps120 Volts
DLS-3013.6 - 14.2 Volts 30 Amps120 Volts
DLS-4513.6 - 14.2 Volts45 Amps120 Volts
DLS-5513.6 - 14.2 Volts55 Amps120 Volts
DLS-7513.6 - 14.2 Volts75 Amps120 Volts
DLS-9013.6 - 14.2 Volts90 Amps120 Volts


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IOTA DLS 12 Volts, 55 Amps

Specification sheet for IOTA DLS 12 Volts, 55 Amps Battery Charger

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