Samlex SEC-2425UL Battery Charger 24V, 25A


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All Samlex Automatic Battery Chargers are now certified by UL for greater safety in the work place. They are compact and lightweight. Samlex SEC battery chargers can charge lead-acid and gel-cell batteries in multiple stages. They are automatic chargers designed to charge and maintain batteries without supervision. The SEC chargers can safely charge and condition multiple banks of marine, RV, industrial and automotive batteries. This Samlex battery charges have 120VAC input.

Samlex model: SEC-2425UL
Output voltage: 24VDC
Max current: 25 Amp

Samlex Battery Chargers models SEC-2425UL does not feature an Amp Meter. Please refer to the spec sheet for more information.

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Samlex Charger SEC-2425A

Samlex Automatic Battery Charger SEC-2425. 24 Volts / 25 Amps

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Samlex Charger SEC-2440A

Samlex Automatic Battery Charger SEC-2440A. 24 Volts / 40 Amps

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