Outback 150V PNL-AC/DC Panel Mount Breaker

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Product information

Outback Power breakers are rated to break the full rated load at the rated voltage repeatedly, without damage. These 150 Volt breakers mounts on the front panel of the enclosure, and they can be used with, Outback and other combiner boxes and enclosures.

The Outback PNL-AC/DC breakers mount on the front panel. They feature 1/4" stud terminals on the back. Ring terminals are required. They are single pole and can be used in 120V AC and 150V DC circuits

They are listed for US and Canada.

Max. voltage: 150 Volts
Type: 1 Pole
Mount: Front panel
Rated at 10,000 AIC
Size: 1/4 " studs, 3/4" wide

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