Ground Fault GFDI Breaker 150VDC 80A, 1 Pole


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Outback Power  PV Ground Fault Detection Interrupter model PNL-GFDI-80 is an 80 Amp, 150VDC single pole panel mount breaker. It is a safety device required by the NEC for any photovoltaic solar array installed in the vicinity of residential dwellings and roofs.

The Ground  Fault Detection Interrupter will disconnect the solar system from the batteries in the event that the array becomes shorted to ground.

The PNL-GFDI-80 is UL listed for a maximum of 150 VDC. It will protect the wiring and components for one solar array when used in an Outback Flexware 250 or Flexware 500.

The PNL-GFDI-80 is a single pole 0.5 amp breaker that is mechanically connected to a single Outback 80 amp breaker. When a ground fault occurs, the smaller breaker breaker will trip, tripping also the 80Amp breaker and shutting down the system's solar power input. It uses two (19 mm) mounting spaces.

Circuits: 1 Pole
Terminals: 1/4" Stud (ring terminals required)
Width: 1.515"

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