5 | We believe in what we do - we know it’s cliché, but we believe in what we do!

What we say about us

What we do

Webo Solar is an online store where you will find all the components necessary to make your energy project possible. We designed our online catalog and shop to make the world of solar energy more accessible to anyone interested in a renewable energy project, regardless of technical background or scope of the project. The solar industry has reached a point where buying renewable energy equipment online is as simple as buying anything else, and we are here to make that process even easier for you.

Our commitment

We have partnered with a network of leading manufacturers and vendors around the country to find the brands that are proven to be reliable. We make a continuous effort to find shipping options at the lowest cost and with the shortest transit times. We carry an extensive variety of products with very competitive pricing, but don’t take our word for it, visit our catalog and check it out for yourself!

Who we are

The WeboSolar team is made up of environmentally-inclined, socially-conscious individuals. While we are not treehuggers and not trying to save the world, we appreciate the countless ways in which renewable energy plays a role in our daily lives.

While at work we make sure that you find the products you are looking for, that those products are successfully installed, and more importantly that you have a great customer experience while doing business with us. While at play, well, we just do other things.

Our bread and butter…

1 | We build personal relationships with each of our customers - we are an online store but there are people on the other side. We do not only process transactions, we also establish relationships with you.

2 | We want you to find it all here – there is no need to shop around. Once you find Webo Solar, we want you to stay with us. We do our best to remember people’s names and the projects they are working on.

3 | Exclusive renewable energy online store - it might sound simple but that is what we do and we strive to do it really well.

4 | The people who answer the phone – we are friendly and knowledgeable and will go the extra mile to help you with your project.

5 | We believe in what we do - we know it’s cliché, but we believe in what we do!

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