Shipping to Mexico FAQ

Are the prices on your page up to date?
We make every effort to keep our catalog prices updated. Although it is possible that the price of a product is wrong, we can assume that all catalog prices published to the public are correct.

What currency do you use on your online catalog?
All prices shown in are in U.S. Dollars

Do you have a program for installers?
We do have a program for installers in Mexico. Not only that, we also have offices in Monterrey and inventory in strategic parts of the country. If you are an installer in Mexico we invite you to get in touch with our Monterrey office to learn more about the program.

Can you send me a written quote?
We will be happy to send you a quote, for that purpose we need to be provided with the following information:
- Product's brand and model
- Quantities required
- Billing and shipping addresses
- A phone number and email
- Your full name

Do you have an office and inventory in Mexico?
We have offices in Monterrey and stock some products in Mexico . However, please notice that all products displayed on are stocked in and shipped from the United States. For products available in Mexico please visit

How do you ship to Mexico?
We grouped our shipping options to Mexico in two categories:

a) Shipping to US Customs (recommended for heavy products that require the use of pallets or for orders over $5,000): With this option we send your order to your customs broker anywhere in CA, NM, AZ, TX or FL. Your broker will calculate the taxes and duties due. Once your equipment is clear, they will contract the services of a freight forwarder that will transport and deliver your products to Mexico. The broker and freight forwarder fees will be covered by the end user.

b) Shipping to Mexico (recommended for small items that can be shipped in boxes by parcel provided that the total order is less than $5,000):  You are right, with this option you will receive your equipment at your location in Mexico directly from the distribution center in the U.S. There are some limitations for large or heavy equipment that requires the use of pallets for transportation i.e. batteries, solar panels, racking, etc. All taxes and duties are paid in advance so there will be no additional payments once you receive your order.

Do you have a bank account in Mexico?
Webo Solar has a business banck account in Mexico with Banorte. However, all deposits and transfers related to orders sent from the United States must be made to our bank account with Chase Bank in the US.

Do I receive a Mexican invoice showing IVA and my RFC?
All invoices are issued according to American laws, in other words, we only issue american invoices. Upon request, we can include your RFC in the invoice. Sales tax (IVA) payments (when applicable) are shown separately. Please see an example of an American invoice here.

Do the products shipped to Mexico pay IVA or taxes?
All orders shipped to a Mexican location are subject to IVA and 6% duties on the value of the goods (this includes trasnportation insurance). Webo Solar forwards the collected IVA and fees to the freight forwarder. No additional payments will be due upon delivery. We do not charge IVA or sales tax for orders shipping to your customs broker or freight forwarder.

What freight companies do you use?
For shipping to Mexico we may use one of the following methods:

- DHL, Fedex, UPS using your account (account required)
- International US Postal Service
- Freight Forwarding FOB customs or your address in Mexico
- Estafeta USA FOB your address in Mexico

Can you ship any items to Mexico?
In most cases we can ship any of the items we advertise on our online catalog. There are some limitations on items like lead-acid batteries and solar panels.

What is the delivery time?
It typically takes 10 to 14 days to receive your items in Mexico. Freight shipments might take a few extra days.

What payment methods do you accept?
We honor Visa and Mastercard credit cards, as well as payments made via PayPal. We also accept domestic and international bank transfers.

How can I place an order?
You are always welcome to contact us to place an order via phone or email. However, for orders under $600 we encourage you to place the order via our online shopping cart. When shipping to Mexico, the shopping cart will calculate the total amount to pay including, cost of products, cost of shipping, taxes and required fees.



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