Surrette 6-CS-17PS 770Ah, 6V Deep Cycle Battery


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Product information

The Rolls Surrette  6-CS-17PS is a 6 volt deep cycle battery rated at 770 Ah @ 100 hours rate. It differs from the 4-CS-17PS only in the number of cells, and therefore, the voltage of the battery. This is a very high capacity battery with new generation series 5000 advantages and features like: dual case, replaceable cells, small foot print and an expected life of 10 years.

Surrette Rolls batteries of Series 4000 come with a complete replacement warranty within the first 24 months from the date placed in service. After the first 24 months of service the warranty will be adjusted for a period of up to 84 months from the date first in service. 

Model Voltage Ah/20hr Ah/100hr Length  Width Height Weight
Rolls Volts Ah Ah In In In Lbs
6-CS-17PS 6 Volt 546 770 22-1/4 8-1/4 18-1/4 221
6-CS-21PS 6 Volt 683 963 22-1/4 8-1/4 18-1/4 271
6-CS-25PS 6 Volt 820 1156 22-1/4 8-1/4 18-1/4 318
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Surrette Rolls 6 CS 17P

Specifications for 6 CS 17P deep cycle battery

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All Trojan and Surrette batteries ship via LTL freight, therefore the store's free shipping does not apply. We cannot ship batteries via carriers like UPS and Fedex.

There are a few things to keep in mind when shipping batteries: batteries shipped individually have a higher risk of being damaged during transit, and shipping 1 or 2 batteries is usually not cost-effective. We advise to have at least 3 or 4 batteries in your order shipping together.

We do not store batteries in our Emeryville office; our closest distribution center for pick-ups is in South San Francisco. A distribution center in Sacramento is also available.

Possible damage
Any damage should be noted upon delivery. It is extremely challenging to successfully claim any damage after the fact. Always carefully inspect all merchandise upon delivery; if you notice any damage please ask the driver about the correct protocol and always note it in the BOL or delivery receipt.

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