Speedwire SWPB-US-10 module for SMA-12 Inverters


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Use the SMA Speedwire SWPB-US-10 communications module to connect your Sunny Boy series 12 inverters to the Sunny Portal. The Speedwire SWPB-US-10 module allows you to wire any Sunny Boy 3000US-12 to 8000US-12 inverter directly to your home DSL router. It is also compatible with Sunny Boy transformerless inverters 3000TL-US-12 to 11000TL-US-12. This setup does not require the use of a WebBox data logger.

The web connect interface will provide a live connection from your SMA-12 inverter to SMA's highly functional Sunny Portal. The interface is always provided by the portal, the firmware of the SWPB-US-10 module cannot be upgraded.

Compatible inverters:


SMA America started in Germany in 1981 and is a pioneer in photovoltaics power conversion. Today they are the number one inverter manufacturer worldwide with presence in 15 different countries, including the United States and Canada. In 2011 they opened the solar academy in California to help installers understand SMA’s technology and bring that knowledge to the home of thousands of homeowners in the US.

SMA staples include the Sunny Island inverters for off-grid and remote applications and the Sunny Boy inverters for residential and small commercial applications. In recent years they added the Tripower line of commercial inverters ranging from 12kW to 30kW per unit. Some of their inverters are assembled in Colorado and qualify for the ARRA Recovery Act. All their units are UL listed and comply with the most recent requirements in the National Electric Code (NEC).

SMA America has raised the bar in the solar industry for over 30 years and they continue to do so. They cover a wide range of applications and system sizes. The new inverter models with grid-tie applications come with multiple MPPT channels that will provide increased flexibility for your design and the length of you PV strings. This is a required feature when working with challenging roofs such as odd shapes or significant shading.

Additionally, SMA provides their Sunny Portal free of charge to SMA users. It is one of the most advanced energy communication platforms; all SMA inverters can transfer production data to the Sunny Portal. The portal is accessible to system owners via the Internet, where they can view and monitor their system’s performance in great detail.

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Speedwire SWPB-US-10 module for SMA-12 Inverters

Speedwire SWPB-US-10 module for SMA-12 Inverters

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