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The Chilicon trunk and branch cables are modular and UV resistant. The modular set up will allow you to mix landscape and portrait PV panels side-by-side on the same string. The trunk cable is self terminating, meaning that here is no need for termination caps at the end of each microinverter string.

This set includes the trunk cable that runs along your rails and the branch cable that connects the CP-250E microinverter to the trunk cable. You need one set per microinverter.

Chilicon Power CP-250E microinverter holds sustained power production of 285 Watts AC which eliminates clipping on 60-cell solar modules.  The CP-250E has extended input voltage range and supports both, 60-cell and 72-cell solar modules. Energy conversion occurs with with a peak efficiency of 96.6%. The inverters are Rule-21 compliant and can provide reactive power on demand.

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Chillicon CP-250E

Specifications for Chillicon Power CP-250E microinverter

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Chilicon Power Trunk and Branch Cable - Portrait

Chilicon Power Trunk and Branch Cable - Portrait

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