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The FLEXnet DC System Monitor made by Outback integrates with an OutBack MATE in order to provide you with the data and parameters concerning your system's performance and efficiency.

The FLEXnet features a display where you can easily see the current operating condition of your Outback system. This screen also shows battery state-of-charge and whether you are currently charging or discharging your batteries.

The FLEXnet monitors the amount of power your system is currently producing and the power your loads are consuming. Separately it also monitors the amount of power going IN and OUT of your battery bank.

The FLEXnet monitor allows the MATE to display real-time production of your DC sources, such as a solar array or a small wind turbine, as well as consumption of the loads. It also displays the cumulative energy your system has produced and consumed as well as the total amount of energy that has gone to charging your batteries on daily basis.

This screen displays each day's lowest state-of-charge and allows you to see how your overall system production compares to system consumption. Review historical energy production and consumption data for the most recent 128 days, including the minimum battery state-of-charge reached for each day. The FLEXnet DC can be used to watch power system production and consumption trends.

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Outback FLEXnet DC Monitor

Specifications for Outback FLEXnet DC Monitor (EN)

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Outback FLEXnet DC Monitor

Specifications for Monitor Outback FLEXnet DC (ES)

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