SolarLand 130W 12V Foldable Solar Charging Kit


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Product information

The SolarLand 9130W foldable solar charging kit is compact in size. It comes with an aluminum case that protects the solar modules during trasportation. The adjustable legs permit to point the modules at the sun for maximum energy yield.

A charge controller is conviniently mounted in the back of the module to regulate the charge and to prevent overdischarging the batteries. The kit also includes battery clamp and car cigarette style set of cables to facilitate connections.

Foldable kit features:
- 2 x 65 Watt Multi-Crystalline solar panels.
- Heavy Duty anodized aluminum frame and support legs.
- Compact and powerful
- Fold away support legs to angle solar charger towards the sun
- Smart solar controller built in to prevent over charging and over discharging.
- 16.4 ft Extension cable with battery clamps and car cigarette style female connector.
- Includes Aluminum storage/carry case for safe and secure transportation.
- Panel angle can be easily adjusted. Legs fold completely in for storage.
- Heavy Duty Carry Handle easy handling when removed from the bag.

Rated power: 90 Watts
Nominal voltage: 12VDC
Vmp: 17.2Volt
Imp: 2.32 Amp
Max load current: 3 Amp

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Foldable Charging Kit

Specifications for SolarLand foldable solar charging kit

Download datasheet

Foldable Kit Power Specs

Power specifications for SolarLand foldable charging kit

Download datasheet
Mounting bracket guide

Solarland panel mounting brackets compatibility table:

Type:Universal flushTiltSingle armDouble armDouble armClamp styleTilt
Mounts on:Z bracketsWall & RoofWall & Side of poleWall & Side of poleWall & Side of poleWall & Side of poleWall & Roof
Panel Size
90WYesYesYes (12M)Yes

Charge controller guide

Quick guide for selecting the right charge controller

Each time you charge deep cycle batteries with solar panels, it's necessary to use a charge controller in the circuit to protect the battery from over charging, and in some instances from over discharging. The only exception is when using solar panels smaller than 5W. Choosing the most suitable charge controller is simple and only requires two steps:

Step 1 - Voltage selection
Select a charge controller that is compatible with the system voltage. The standard configurations are 12, 24, and 48 volts. If you are wiring your batteries for 24 volts you need a charge controller that is rated at 24 volts.

Some controllers are voltage specific, meaning that the voltage cannot be changed or substituted. Other more sophisticated controllers include a voltage auto-detect feature, which allows it to be used with different voltage settings.

Step 2 - Current capacity

Select a charge controller that can handle the maximum output current of the solar panel (or solar array). The maximum possible current that a PV panel can generate is the “short circuit current,” indicated as Isc in the panel’s label or specs sheet.

It’s recommended to include a safety factor for isolated events as well. For example, a solar panel with a Isc of 7.89 amp could potentially produce an extra 25% on a sunny day with very clear snow pack. (additional light reflected off the snow). This results in a possible maximum of 9.86 amp (7.89 x 1.25 = 9.86 amp). In this case, a 10 amp charge controller would be recommended.

Below you will find a quick guide to choosing the proper charge controller for several popular solar panel sizes.

12V solar panels 5W - 45W
Phocos CM 04 Charge Controller 4A, 12V

12V solar panels up to 70W
Flexcharge PV7D Charge Controller 7A - 12V

12V solar panels up to 120W
Phocos CM 10 Charge Controller 10A, 12V
Phocos CMLup 10 Charge Controller 12/24V, 10A
Phocos ECO 10 Charge Controller 10A, 12V
Phocos ECO-N-10-T Charge Controller 10A, 12/24V

12V solar panels up to 160W
Flexcharge NC25A Charge Controller 25A – 12V
Phocos CMLup 20 Charge Controller 12/24V, 20A
Phocos ECO-N-20-T Charge Controller 10A, 12/24V

24V solar panels up to 160W
Flexcharge NC25A Charge Controller 25A – 24V
Phocos CMLup 10 Charge Controller 12/24V, 10A
Phocos ECO-N-10-T Charge Controller 10A, 12/24V

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