3480W Off-Grid Solar System with Schneider SW4048 Inverter


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This is a complete solar charging system for 48 Volt applications and 4000W nominal AC output. The classic MPPT charge controller will regulate the PV charging voltage and maintain the batteries full charge. The battery bank has been sized to accommodate charge/discharge cycles at 50% depth of discharge in order to keep the batteries in a healthy state. Larger battery bank can be configured upon request. 

The Conext SW4048 NA inverter included in this system can also be used as an AC battery charger. It is a complete and versatile inverter for off-grid  and back-up power applications. It is a pure sine wave inverter that can be set up for 120VAC or 240 VAC output. Conext inverter can operate in conjunction with fuel based generators to support larger loads or compliment the solar system when production is low.

This complete system includes a Midnite  MNE175SW E-Panel to facilitate simple and safe wiring. When using the Midnite Solar E-Panel for Schneider Conext SW inverters, the inverter is mounted directly to the right of the E-Panel. The E-panel comes with a 175 Amp breaker for the main battery circuit. It includes large tin plated copper bus bars directly connect to the inverter’s battery terminals, bus bars for AC inputs, AC output, neutral, ground, PV + in, PV- in, Bat +, Bat-, 500 amp shunt. The E-Panel has been designed to match the knockouts of the Midnite Classic controllers. The Classic SL controller provided can be easily mounted on top of the E-Panel. Please note that other circuit protection breakers required for the installation are sold separately. Surge protection using Midnite’s MNSPD arrestors can be added to the system.

This complete system includes MC4 output cable(s) to connect the solar panels to the controller terminals. Battery cables are not included, they can be purchased separately.

This complete solar off-grid systems includes: 

(12) Hanwha Q CELLS 290W Monocrystalline Black Solar Panel (Note: substituted with Axitec 290W all black panel)
(1) Midnite Classic 200-SL Solar Only MPPT Charge Controller
(1) Midnite Solar Schneider Conext SW E-Panel MNE175SW
(1) Schneider Conext SW4048 NA Inverter/Charger
(1) Schneider Conext System Control Panel (SCP)
(8) Surrette Rolls S-480 486Ah, 6V Deep Cycle Battery
(3) 30ft MC4 10AWG output PV-Cable

We invite you to watch the following video to learn more about the Schneider SW inverter / charger:

Please note that this is not a pre-wired system. A pre-wired and pre-assembled version of this system is also available. For more information please visit BoxedSolar.com

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Surrette Battery S-480 Specs

Surrette Battery specification sheet for the S-480 model

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Midnite Classic-SL Controller

Specs for Midnite Solar Classic-SL solar only MPPT charge controllers

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Conext SW-NA Inverters

Specs for Schneider Conext SW-NA Inverters

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Conext Control Panel

Specs for Schneider Conext System Control Panel

Download datasheet

Hanwha Q Cells 260-270W

Specification sheet for Hanwha Q Cells Q.PRO BFR-G4.1 260-270W poly solar panels

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3480W Off-Grid Solar System with Schneider SW4048 Inverter

3480W Off-Grid Solar System with Schneider SW4048 Inverter

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