Remote Control for Samlex EVO Inverter/Charger


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EVO inverters are not alone, they have the EVO-RC remote control designed with multiple features. It includes a large LCD display that will allow you to view real-time inverter/charger activity, You will be able to see Output voltage, Frequency, Amps, Watts, Volt Amps, Power Factor, Battery Voltage, Battery Current, Solar Input Current and more.

The EVO-RC can also be use to configure or change the inverter and battery charging settings. You can save your configurations using a removable 16GB SD Card accessible in the remote face of the control.

The EVO-RC remote control is compatible with EVO inverter/chargers EVO-2212, EVO-3012, EVO-2224 and EVO-4024.

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EVO-RC Remote Control

Specs for Remote Control EVO-RC for Samlex EVO Inverter/Charger

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Remote Control for Samlex EVO Inverter/Charger

Remote Control for Samlex EVO Inverter/Charger

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