APsystems Equipment Selection Guide - QS1 & YC600

APsystems Equipment Selection Guide

Build your solar PV system using the YC600Y or the QS1 (or both) microinverters.

We created this APsystems equipment selection guide to help you with the system design process. Some accessories are required, others are optional; some parts look similar, and we know it can get confusing. Through this article, we show you that navigating the APsystems manuals and the component list is easier than you think.

The Microinverters + The Accessories

We consider the microinverter to be the main component of an APsystem energy system. To safely and effectively operate the microinverters in the system, there are other parts that we call the accessories or components.

This guide covers single-phase 240VAC solar installations only. For such applications, APsystems offers two microinverter models: the original Dual YC600Y and the newer Quad QS1. Other components in the system are cables, caps, and the Energy Communication Unit (ECU).

Mixing and Matching

Good news, all the components are interchangeable between the QS1 and the YC600Y inverters. To be more specific, both inverter models use the same AC Bus trunk cable and communicate through the ECU-R gateway. In other words, what this means is that you can mix and match microinverters in the same system. All the components and microinverters are fully compatible with each other.

Required or Optional

The microinverter and the AC Bus trunk cable required and always paired. An AC Bus End Cap is required for every branch in the system.

What is a branch? We identify as a branch, a group of panels and microinverters connected in parallel with a single combined AC output of 240V and 20A max.

For multiple reasons, we highly recommend using an ECU-R in the system; however, it is optional. The system will operate without it.

The AC TCONN Cap is only needed when a connector in the AC Bus cable is left unused. Similarly, you require a pair of MC4 Caps when a PV input on the microinverter is not used. The AC Unlock Tool comes handy when you want to disconnect an inverter from the trunk cable.

In summary, we have:

ProductPart Name Application
APsystems YC600Y 240V 600W Dual MicroinverterYC600Y Dual MicroinverterInverter for two solar panels, maximum combined output of 548W
APsystems QS1 Quad MicroinverterQS1 Quad MicroinverterInverter for four  solar panels, maximum combined output of 1,200W
APsystems Y3 AC Bus Trunk CableYC3 AC Bus – 2mTrunk cable for microinverters branch AC output. 2 meters between connectors. One connector per microinverter.
APsystems Y3 AC Bus Trunk CableYC3 AC Bus – 4mTrunk cable for microinverters branch AC output. 4 meters between connectors. One connector per microinverter.
APsystems ECU-R Wireless Energy Communication UnitECU-R  Communication UnitCommunicates wirelessly with the microinverters in the system. Sends performance information to the online portal. Compatible with YC600Y and QS1 units. 
APsystems AC Bus Cable End CapAC Bus Cable End CapElectrical termination for branch AC Bus cable. One cap per branch.
APsystems AC Bus Cable YCONN CapAC Bus Cable YCONN CapProtects unused connectors on the Y3 AC Bus cable from dust and water. Optional, not needed if all connectors in the branch are plugged to a microinverter. 
APsystems Male and Female MC4 CapsMC4 Connector CapsProtects unused MC4 connectors on the microinverter from dust and water. Optional, not needed if all connectors on the microinverter are plugged to a PV panel. 
APsystems AC Connector Unlock ToolAC Connector Unlock ToolUsed to disconnect the microinverter from the AC Bus trunk cable. Not required but handy to have. 

Difference Between the QS1 and YC600Y Microinverters

Here is a reference table showing the main specs and difference of both microinverter models:

YC600Y (240V)QS1 (240V)
Number of MPPT channels24
Maximum power per channel300W300W
Maximum continuous output power548W1200W
PV compatibility60-cell and 72-cell panels60-cell and 72-cell panels
Maximum input voltage55V60V
Maximum input current per channel12A x 2 12A x 4
Recommended PV power410W440W
CommunicationWireless ZigbeeWireless Zigbee
Recommended Communication UnitECU-RECU-R
Standard limited warranty10 years10 years
Rapid Shut Down compliantYesYes
Max number of inverters per branch73
Max number of PV panels per branch1412
Branch breaker size20A20A

More Resources

APsystems offers a comprehensive library of technical documents, including datasheets, manuals, design guides, warranties, and more.

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