Comparing the Air 30 and Air 40 Primus Wind Turbines

We have created this blog to help you compare the Air 30 and Air 40 wind turbines made by Primus Windpower. Over all, they are quite similar. One main and obvious difference is the kWh produced, which is represented in the model numbers. The Primus Air30 produces about 30kWh per month, while the Primus Air40 generates about 40kWh. But beyond that, their differences might not be so clear. In the following paragraphs we will describe some of the major characteristics of the two models.

It is important to compare the two models because they cost the same, so why would you buy a turbine that produces 30kWh/mo. when you can buy one that produces 40kWh/mo. for the same price?

Air 30 and Air 40 Primus WindPower Tubines

We will start with the Primus Air 30 because it is the model that was designed first. Former Southwest Windpower started designing the Air wind turbines to meet the demand of commercial remote applications such as oil and gas substations and communication towers. The Air 30 was initially created as an industrial wind turbine designed to withstand the high wind speeds found in those remote and isolated locations. The RPM’s of the Air 30 are high so that it can perform in high wind speeds. The higher RPMs increase the vibrations of the turbine making it louder than her sister turbine the Air 40. The Air 30 turbine also has the same construction as the Air X Marine turbine, with the main difference being that the marine version is built with corrosive resistant materials. The Air 30 wind turbine from Primus Windpower is ideal for remote applications in a non-corrosive or saline environment with high winds, where there are no people in the proximity that would be bothered with the sound generated.

The Air 40 was designed for land applications that require a quieter wind turbine. The outside appearance and size of the Air 40 is the same as the Air 30, they both are gray color; their marine counterparts are coated in white paint. The main difference between the Air 30 and 40 models is that the algorithm of the Air 40 has reduced RPM’s designed to optimize performance in moderate wind speeds. The result is that the Air 40 will operate in a much quieter fashion than the Air 30. Another feature of the Air 40 is that the angle of the blades was modified to reduce vibrations. The Air 40 is the recommended wind turbine for land applications with people in the vicinity. The marine version of the Air 40 is the Air Breeze model which was designed with boats in mind.

In summary, the Air 30 is recommended for remote places with high winds were the vibrations and sounds is not an issue like gas rigs and telecom sites. The Air 40 is the right choice for moderate wind locations where a quiet operation is important. Both models come with an integrated charge controller. They can be ordered for 12, 24 or 48 Volt systems. For marine applications or operation in corrosive and saline environments consider the Air X Marine for marine buoys and oil platforms; always use the Air Breeze marine in boats.

We hope you find this article helpful. Please find more information in the Wind Turbines section of our catalog.