Dimensions of Solarland Low Voltage 12/24-Volt Solar Panels

Solarland is a manufacturer of 12/24-Volt solar panels and off-grid system components. They have a sales office in Grayslake Illinois and a distribution center in Ontario California. They carry a wide range of low voltage solar panels to meet the needs of boat and RV owners as well as technology and communication companies.

We have created the table below so that you can compare dimensions and sizes of the available low voltage 12-Volt and 24-Volt solar panels. With the exception of the monocrystalline SLP150S-12, all other modules are made with polycrystalline solar cells. The SLP020-12YA model is a round and frameless solar panel, yes you read it right, it is a round solar panel.

ModelPowerVoltageL (mm)W (mm)T (mm)L (in)W (in)T (in)
SLP003-123 W12 Volts188195177.407.680.67
SLP005-06U5 W6 Volts188290177.4011.420.67
SLP005-125 W12 Volts2702221710.638.740.67
SLP010-12U10 W12 Volts3573023014.0611.891.18
SLP015-12U15 W12 Volts4283573016.8514.061.18
SLP020-12U20 W12 Volts5763573022.6814.061.18
SLP020-24U20 W24 Volts5763573022.6814.061.18
SLP020-12YA20 W12 Volts520520NA20.4720.47NA
SLP025-1225 W12 Volts6753573026.5714.061.18
SLP030-12U30 W12 Volts5415103021.3020.081.18
SLP030-24U30 W24 Volts5415103021.3020.081.18
SLP045-12U45 W12 Volts6755343026.5721.021.18
SLP055-12U55 W12 Volts6706503026.3825.591.18
SLP070-12U70 W12 Volts7746753030.4726.571.18
SLP070-12M70 W12 Volts14753424058.0713.461.57
SLP085-12U85 W12 Volts9406753037.0126.571.18
SLP090-12M90 W12 Volts13005285051.1820.791.97
SLP090-24M90 W24 Volts13005285051.1820.791.97
SLP100-12U100 W12 Volts10626753041.8126.571.18
SLP110-12U110 W12 Volts11506753045.2826.571.18
SLP120-12U120 W12 Volts12446753548.9826.571.38
SLP120-24U120 W24 Volts15006753559.0626.571.38
SLP130-12U130 W12 Volts15006753559.0626.571.38
SLP140-12U140 W12 Volts15006753559.0626.571.38
SLP150S-12150 W12 Volts15006753559.0626.571.38