Who said solar can’t be SEXY?

This solar system is located in the coastal town of Zadar, Croatia. The artistic design was made by Nikola Basic, and it is called “Sun Salutation”. At night an array of LED lights integrated into the solar modules light in different colors and patterns. Very cool!

Deep-Cycle Gel Batteries

Deep-cycle Gel batteries also work on the same principle of oxygen recombination but use a different method to achieve it. They use a composite separator composed of a glass mat bonded to a porous polyethylene or polyvinylchloride sheet. The batteries are filled with a thixotropic gel of silica mixed with sulfuric acid. When this is …

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Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) Batteries

Deep-cycle AGM batteries incorporate a porous glass mat separator that has the ability to absorb a large amount of electrolyte while still allowing some of the pores to be unfilled. These empty pores act as channels which allow oxygen to move from the positive to the negative plates. This absorptive glass mat is a critical …

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Lead-Acid Battery

Lead-acid are the most common type of battery in solar PV systems. Their initial cost is lower than other deep cycle batteries and they are readily available in most marine and renewable energy stores. There are many different sizes and designs of lead-acid batteries, but the most important designation is whether they are deep cycle …

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Deep Cycle Battery

All off-grid (standalone) and back-up systems require batteries to store the energy produced by the solar panels, wind turbine or power source. In the most common energy conversion, solar panels charge the batteries during the day sun hours so that the stored energy can latter be used at night or during cloudy days. Deep Cycle …

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