Primus Windpower AIR Breeze Wind Turbine

Features of the AIR Breeze Wind Turbine

Learn about the hidden, yet Important features and parts of the Primus Windpower Air Breeze turbine

We describe most attributes of the Air Breeze wind turbine on the product page of our store. More information can be found on the manufacturer’s website. However, there are some things that aren’t so obvious yet are very important to know. We made this article to dive deeper into the features of the well known Primus Windpower Air Breeze wind turbine.

You do not need to purchase a charge controller, because all AIR turbines have a built-in controller; the controller comes with factory settings pre-set for lead-acid batteries. The turbine ships configured with voltage settings used in most applications; however, you can adjust the settings with the screw on the side of the body if required.

Air turbine potentiometer for voltage adjustment
Air turbine potentiometer for voltage adjustment

Everything you need for installation is in the arrival kit, aside from the mounting equipment and wiring. The Air Breeze does come with 3 wires though, negative, positive, and grounding. The 3 wires are attached to the body of the turbine, extend about 2 feet in length, and can connect directly to your batteries.

AIR turbines also feature a small, inconspicuous LED that is conveniently located on the underside of the body of the turbine.

This LED light is perhaps the most important feature of all; depending on the AIR model, it will either be green or red, nothing to be alarmed about when it’s on.

If the LED is a solid color (green or red), this indicates that the turbine is “on” and producing a steady charge. When the LED blinks slowly, it has fully charged your batteries and is in overcharge protection mode, meaning it is no longer producing a charge. If the LED is blinking rapidly, that means the turbine detects high wind speeds and switches to over-speed protection mode, which essentially turns the turbine off to avoid damaging the blades and hub. It will automatically check the RPM’s of the wind in 30 seconds to 5-minute intervals until the wind has calmed and the turbine will then start again.

Air turbine LED light operation indicator
Air turbine LED light operation indicator

Included in the box are 3 blades, a nose cone, hub, all hardware, 3 Allen wrenches, and the owner’s manual. The box carrying all these parts, including the body of the turbine, only weighs 13 pounds. We made this video to show you how Primus Windpower packs the Air Breeze; you will also learn the parts included with the purchase of the AIR Breeze turbines.

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