Solarland Juntion Box

Junction Box in Solarland Solar Panels

Solarland PV panels feature junction boxes that fit the power output and the application requirements.

The junction box in Solarland solar panels provides safe and lasting connections for the panel’s output. They are sealed and outdoor rated. They feature the terminals for the negative and positive PV connections; additionally, they house the panel diodes.

Solarland Panels Under 10W

Solarland TR-X1 Juntion Box

Solarland PV panels feature junction boxes that fit the power output and the application requirements. The small panels under 10W have a tiny junction box that is only 4cm x 5cm. This junction box does not include any screws; instead, you will find copper screw-less terminals inside the junction box.

Solarland Panels Between 10W and 60W

Solarland solar panels from 10W to 60W use a standard junction box. You will make your PV connections in screw-in copper silver-plated terminals inside the box. These boxes are rated for 6 Amps and 1000 Volts and do not include any by-pass diodes.

Solarland Pro-Charge Junction Box

Solarland panels between 10W and 60W of the Series M, meant for marine and other off-grid applications in harsh environments, feature the Pro-charge junction box. The down cover of this waterproof and dust-proof junction box is an IP65 approved design that includes a rubber seal. The Pro-Charge junction box has improved heat dissipation features that allow for better interior temperature and higher module performance. You will find the Pro-Charge junction box in 70W panel SLP070-12M and 90W panels SLP090-12M and SLP090-24M.

Click in the following link to download the Specifications for Solarland Pro-Charge Junction Box

Solarland Panels 100W And Larger

Solarland makes all panels that are 100W and larger with integrated output cables. The junction box in these modules comes sealed for better resistance to any type of environment. You will find two output cables with Multi-Contact Type IV (or MC4) connectors in the back of the panel, one male and one female. The MC4 connectors allow safe outdoor connections without additional measures like enclosures, electrical tape, or connection boxes.

About MC4 Connectors, Y Branch Connectors and Combiner Boxes

MC4 Connecto Male Female

MC4 connectors provide an effortless mechanism to connect and disconnect the solar panels. They come in handy in installations that are not permanent, and you need to store the panels for some months of the year. Additionally, MC4 connectors significantly simplify installing PV panels connected in series and provide a plug-and-play solution to direct the series’s positive and negative outputs to a charge controller or inverter.

Individual modules featuring MC4 cables will also need an output cable to connect to the charge controller. We recommend using a Y or branch connector to connect a pair of solar panels (or two series of solar panels) in parallel.

Midnite Solar Combiner Boxes

A DC combiner box is the safest way to parallel-connect more than two panels (or series of panels). DC combiners are the standard practice for solar setups involving parallel connections to limit the output voltage or larger arrays.