Midnite Solar Classic MPPT Charge Controller – Selection Guide

When the Midnite Classic was first conceived, it was the most advanced MPPT charge controller of its class. Many years and thousands of proven installations later, that has not changed. While most MPPT charge controllers are limited to a maximum input voltage of 150VDC, Classic controllers come in three sizes: 150V, 200V, and 250V, which allow the use of larger solar panels and arrays.

Midnite Solar has developed three series of Classic charge controllers: the standard version with all the bells and whistles, the “Lite” models without a display, and the solar-only “SL”. All models come in 150, 200, or 250 volts.

To facilitate a better selection process, this guide will highlight the main features of each series. Keep in mind that the standard Classic has a complete set of features, while the Lite and SL series are simplified versions with fewer features and available at lower prices.

Midnite Solar Classic MPPT Charge Controller
Midnite Solar Classic MPPT Charge Controller

For all models
When selecting a Classic model, keep in mind that every model in each series has the same input and output values, and the design and size of your energy system will not change. Additionally, all Classics come with a 5 year limited warranty.

150VDC – 12/24/48V Battery
Input Voltage: 150VDC
Maximum Output Current: 96/94/86A
Maximum Voc (based on 12/24/48 battery systems): 162/174/198V

200VDC – 12/24/48/72V Battery
Input Voltage: 200VDC
Maximum Output Current: 79/78/78/65A
Maximum Voc: 212/224/248V

250VDC – 12/24/48/72V Battery
Input Voltage: 250VDC
Maximum Output Current: 61/62/55/43A
Maximum Voc: 262/274/298V

The Classic
The Classic is a feature-rich charge controller designed by Midnite Solar. The Standard Classic features:

– 2 auxiliary outputs
– 1 auxiliary input
– HyperVOC Extended VOC Limit
– Compatible with solar, wind, and hydro systems
– Ground fault protection
– Arc fault protection
– Graphics display
– Works with My Midnite and Local App (free firmware upgrades)
– Multiple display support
– Enabled for internet connectivity
– Five year warranty

The Classic Lite
The Classic Lite controller was released in an attempt to reduce the selling price of the unit for systems that do not require the more advanced features of the standard Classic. The Classic Lite does not have a front graphics display, featuring user-friendly deep-switch programming instead.

The Classic Lite also does not include the built-in arc fault protection feature that is required in installations governed by the National Electric Code (NEC).

The Classic Lite does not feature:
– Arc fault protection
– Graphics display

The Classic SL
MPPT controllers are designed to be used in wind and microhydro systems in addition to solar PV systems, but as the vast majority of Classic controllers have been installed in solar PV systems, Midnite Solar designed a simplified version that is programmed to operate exclusively with solar PV systems.

This new version, the Classic SL, has other features removed to further reduce the cost of the unit, which include arc fault protection and internet connectivity.

The Classic SL does not feature:
– Compatibility with wind and hydro energy systems
– Arc fault protection
– Internet connectivity