Night Watchman Automatic Light Switch by Flexcharge – Review

Product: Night Watchman
Description: 12 Volts, 10 Amps Automatic Light Switch
Made by: Flexcharge
Operates: mooring lights, mast lights, boat sign lights, yard lights, deck lights.

Flexcharge Night Watchman 12 VDC Photocell
Flexcharge Night Watchman 12 VDC Photo-switch

The Night Watchman designed by Flexcharge is a powerful dusk to dawn automatic light switch. The photocell and the electronics come enclosed in a 100% waterproof, UV resistant plastic case. The case features an integrated base with two holes for easy surface mounting (mounting hardware is not included).

The Night Watchman is designed to operate  12-Volt systems typically found in boats, RVs, cabins and remote solar powered applications. The Night Watchman can operate several lights up to 10 Amps combined. It can also be hooked to a 3-position switch to turn the operation of the photoswitch on or off. All possible connections (directly to battery, with ON/OFF switch, to existing control board, etc.) can be simply made with 3 wires. Wiring instructions are included in the product packaging.

Flexcharge Night Watchman 12 VDC Photo-switch
Flexcharge Night Watchman is only 1″ x 1″

As you can see from the picture the Night Watchman is very compact and can be mounted in any location clear of obstructions. The energy consumption of the photoswitch is only 0.15mA during STAND-BY and 16mA during operation. It features a LOAD-ON light indicator. It has protections againt surge loads, reverse polarity, and low battery voltage.  Comes with a 1-year warranty from Flexcharge.

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