Presenting Midnite Solar Prewired E-Panels

A complete renewable energy battery system requires a lot of peripheral equipment in order to be installed safely. The main components of the systems usually are the solar panels, the inverter(s), charge controller, batteries, ground equipment and circuit protection. There are many other parts involved in a well designed system; components such as surge protection, shunts, bus bars, rapid shut down and properly sized circuit protection are frequently overlooked.

Midnite E-panels are units designed for mounting and organizing all the components contributing to off-grid, back-up and AC coupled systems. The built in enclosure offers protection for wiring, ground fault and surge protection, over-current protection and other related hardware. The E-panel keeps everything in a compact space for efficiency and ease of operation. Whether you have a large or small system, Midnite E-Panels are very convenient and useful. They come pre-wired, labeled, and ready to use. They are UL and CSA certified for use in the US and Canada.

Midnite Solar E-Panel

The E-Panels are handy for DIY projects or installers. They ensure that all the required components are organized safely and intuitively. For more information on specs of the Midnite E-Panels check out the link below.

Midnite Solar Prewired E-Panel on Webo Solar