Primus Windpower AIR Turbines

Primus Windpower AIR Wind Turbine Selection Guide

Primus Windpower offers five versions of the AIR wind turbines. We put together this guide to help you select the right turbine for your application.

Primus Windpower designs and builds turbines exclusively for battery charging. All the AIR wind turbines are rated at 400W of nominal power and are available in 12V, 24V, and 48V. The five models of the AIR turbine are very similar in appearance but serve different applications. We made the following quick selection guide to help you choose the right turbine for your application.

AIR 30

Use the AIR 30 turbine in remote high wind locations where access can be challenging. The AIR 30 comes with high wind blades and a high RPM charging algorithm; it is ideal for telecom towers or remote oil facilities. Consider the AIR 30 for land use only, for remote marine applications use the Air X Marine.

Air X Marine

Consider the Air X Marine if you are installing a wind turbine on a remote application in a marine environment such as buoys and navigation lights.

Air 40

Install the AIR 40 turbine in inland applications such as remote cabins where people live in the vicinity. The AIR 40 comes assembled in the same body as the Air 30 turbine; however, the blades, as well as the RPM, are optimized for quiet operation. The marine version of the AIR 40 is the AIR Breeze turbine. 

Air Breeze

Are you mounting the turbine on a boat or sailboat? If the answer is yes, then the AIR Breeze is the right turbine for you. The cast aluminum body of the AIR Breeze comes painted with aircraft quality white paint. It is assembled with a marine grade O-ring seal and stainless steel fasteners. Do you want a quieter turbine? Continue reading because maybe the Air Silent X is a better fit.

Air Silent X

Do you think that the AIR Breeze is the right turbine for your boat? Would you invest in carbon fiber blades? If the answer is yes, we recommend considering the Air Silent X turbine. It displays the same marine protection as the Air Breeze but comes equipped with blue carbon fiber blades for low sound emission. 

You might be thinking about how to mount the AIR turbine

Primus Windpower provides a selection of towers and guyed kits to install the AIR turbines in different settings. For boats, sailboats, and other marine applications where space is limited, Primus Windpower offers the ideal mounting solution. It is a 9ft pole and stays kit (part no. 1-TWA-20-02) that combined with the hardware kit (part no. 1-TWA-20-03) allows you to mount the AIR Breeze or AIR Silent X turbine in the stern of the boat.

Primus Windpower offers multiple tower kits for land installation. However, we consider that the 27ft tower kit (part no. 1-TWA-10-01) is the most cost-effective solution and allows for an easy installation.

Pair your AIR turbine with the Wind Control Panel to monitor and control the daily operation. 

The Wind Control Panel comes in analog and digital versions. They display common production values such as current, voltage, and power. In the front of the panel, you have a battery on/off switch; you also have a stop switch to prevent the blades from rotating during high wind events. Refer to the table below to select the right Wind Control panel for your turbine model and voltage.

Turbine ModelOperating VoltageTurbine Part NumberAnalog Wind Control PanelDigital Wind Control Panel
AIR 3012 Volt1-AR30-10-122-ARAC-1082-ARAC-D-40
AIR 3024 Volt1-AR30-10-242-ARAC-1032-ARAC-D-25
AIR 3048 Volt1-AR30-10-482-ARAC-1042-ARAC-D-20
Silent X12 Volt1-ARSM-15-122-ARAC-1082-ARAC-D-40
Silent X24 Volt1-ARSM-15-242-ARAC-1032-ARAC-D-25
Silent X48 Volt1-ARSM-15-482-ARAC-1042-ARAC-D-20
AIR 4012 Volt1-AR40-10-122-ARAC-1032-ARAC-D-20
AIR 4024 Volt1-AR40-10-242-ARAC-1042-ARAC-D-10
AIR 4048 Volt1-AR40-10-482-ARAC-1072-ARAC-D-5
AIR Breeze12 Volt1-ARBM-15-122-ARAC-1032-ARAC-D-20
AIR Breeze24 Volt1-ARBM-15-242-ARAC-1042-ARAC-D-10
AIR Breeze48 Volt1-ARBM-15-482-ARAC-1072-ARAC-D-5
AIR X Marine12 Volt1-ARXM-15-122-ARAC-1082-ARAC-D-40
AIR X Marine24 Volt1-ARXM-15-242-ARAC-1032-ARAC-D-25
AIR X Marine48 Volt1-ARXM-15-482-ARAC-1042-ARAC-D-20

Primus Windpower guarantees the longlasting operation of your AIR turbine.

They offer replacement nose cones, blade kits, hardware, and an assortment of spare parts in case the components of your turbine ever get damaged, worn down, or lost.