Solar Panels

Solar panels, also known as solar modules, convert sunlight into electricity. Solar panels that are used commercially are made of silicon cells and are called monocrystalline. Monocrystalline silicon cells have fewer imperfections, and therefore generate at the highest efficiency rate. Solar modules made with polycrystalline cells, which contain a larger number of imperfections, have lower efficiencies. At Webo Solar we only carry silicon based monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar panels.
Another way to categorize solar panels is based on their output voltage and the application in which the panels will be used. Smaller solar panels come in configurations of 12 and 24 Volts. These are used for charging batteries in autonomous or off-grid systems. Another category is called high-voltage panels. These are used in grid interconnected systems, however, they can also be found in larger off-grid systems. The largest high voltage panels available are used in commercial PV systems and large-scale solar applications.

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