Off-Grid Kits

In cases where there is no access to conventional electricity, solar panels offer one of the best alternatives to supply small and medium size loads. In this section, we show a number of packages for small solar applications such as recreation, lighting, refrigeration and solar water pumping. Additional to solar panels, battery charging systems will require a charge controller. Depending on the type of loads, it is possible to use an inverter to convert the direct current (DC) from the batteries to alternative current (AC) compatible with conventional appliances such as televisions, radios, lights and electronic communications equipment. The type of battery varies depending on the application, therefore no batteries have been included in these kits. Some of the off-grid kits we offer include accessories such as mounting brackets , cables and connectors. We suggest that you check the components of each package and make sure it includes all the components you need for your system. If necessary, you can add to the package components such as timers, DC/AC inverters, lamps, connectors, meters, displays, etc. All solar panels used in these complete packages are 12V and 24V to avoid power losses in the system. All packages include the parts necessary for operation. Charge controllers and other components have been carefully selected, all system components are compatible and offer the best combination in terms of cost and performance. Solar pumping systems in this section are very simple and can be used for general low water requirements; they are sized for farming or agricultural applications with high water demand. We also show solar refrigeration systems that include the fridge/freezer and the solar panels needed to operate the unit.

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