Battery Enclosures

Battery Enclosures are designed to safely store deep cycle batteries commonly used in renewable energy systems. You can select the proper enclosure for the number and size of batteries in your specific project, and if needed, use multiple, side by side enclosures for larger battery banks.

Metal enclosures are listed for indoor use in Canada and the U.S. The Midnite Solar MNBE-A, MNBE-C, and MNBE-D are grey, powder-coated steel battery enclosures with locking MNBE-A doors. The MNBE-D3R and MNBE-8D2x2 are outdoor enclosures of white aluminum. Depending on which battery it is designed for, the MNBE-C comes with two, three, or four shelves. Additional shelves can be added to the MNBE-C and MNBE-D.

The Midnite Solar MNBE-8D2x2 DELUXE enclosure includes one 250 A breaker, two 12” 4/0 AWG cables, and one 36” 4/0 AWG cable for interconnecting batteries. There is also space for up to 4 MNDC breakers. The Midnite MNBE-8D2x2 enclosures can also be placed side-by-side or stacked two high. The MNBE-8D2x2 model enclosures hold two 8D or 4D batteries on each shelf; a total of four batteries per enclosure. The MNBE-8D2x2 BASIC has space for one 175 A or 250 A, and up to four MNDC breakers (not included).

QuickBox plastic battery enclosures are specifically designed for backup and off-grid power supplies, construction, heavy-duty marine use, etc. These enclosures can hold L16, 4D, 8D, GC2 and similar batteries in various end-to-end or side-by-side configurations. These plastic enclosures are acid resistant, and intended for indoor use only.

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