Batteries and Accessories

While batteries come in a tremendous range of types and sizes, the primary (and most important) designation is their intended use: daily cycle service or standby service. Batteries categorized as deep cycle are specifically designed to repeatedly discharge up to 80% of their power capacity, making them the wise choice for renewable energy off-grid systems.

Deep cycle batteries include sealed and flooded lead-acid types, as well as the more recent lithium-based types.
While these batteries can handle deep cycling, the battery bank will have a longer lifespan if operated in shallower cycles.

Alternatively, standby power batteries are preferred for grid-based systems with battery backups, as they are meant to supply power loads only occasionally. Built to deliver large loads of energy in critical moments – like power outages – these batteries stay at full charge most of the time and require very little energy to maintain such a charge.
Standby power batteries will have a limited lifespan when discharged frequently, but they can see significant longevity if kept in float conditions. Because of their low cost to produce, low rate of self-discharge, and lack of maintenance required, AGM batteries are the most used for standby power.

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