EV Charging Stations

Electric Vehicles (EV) are now seen on American and international highways and cities more than ever before. And they are becoming an increasing trend. These electric vehicles are normally charged at home or at offices equipped with EV charging stations. There are 3 types of chargers that can be used for charging Electric Vehicles. Level 1 chargers are usually stored inside the electric vehicles and can be used with any 120 VAC outlet. However, most of the chargers that you will find on this page are Level 2 chargers, which are chargers that are designed to be used in homes or businesses. Level 3 chargers are manufactured for commercial use and need a different level of infrastructure to be installed.
Chargepoint is one of the leading brands of EV Charging Stations with highly developed, innovative, reliable and intuitive products. The Chargepoint charging stations that we carry are compatible with most electric vehicle manufacturers. The Chargepoint CT4000 series are not only energy efficient but very user friendly as well. Some of the features include; a weather proof, interactive port interface for easy monitoring and usage, a standard self-retracting, lightweight cord for minimal maintenance and aesthetics, and a color LCD screen with optional personal signage. The dual CT4000 charging stations also allow 2 cars to charge at once, for optimal usage. The units are available in bollard and wall mount configurations with one or two charging plugs respectively.
Every installation will require one station with a Gateway unit to have internet access via cell modem; up to 25 more stations can be installed without a Gateway, within 150 feet unobstructed line of sight to the parent Gateway. Each station plug requires a Network plan. ChargePoint offers different network plans, depending on how you utilize your stations. You can incorporate a family or commercial network plan that is easily managed from your home or work; ChargePoint offers 24/7 phone service for any technical support needed.

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