Inverters Off-grid

Off-gird or Standalone inverters convert direct current (DC) at 12, 24 or 48 volts to alternate current (AC). Inverters for use in Canada, USA, Mexico and many countries in Latin America should have an output of 120V and 60Hz in order to supply power to conventional electronics and appliances (most inverters available on this website have this output). When the inverter is to be used in Europe or Africa you will need an “Export Version” usually designated by the letter “E ” in the model number. Export models operate at 110 and 50Hz . Export models cannot be used to power devices operating at 60Hz (USA and Mexico ) and vice versa. The size of the inverter varies depending on the application. The smaller inverters have the characteristic of being mobile and are available in a range from 150W up to 2000W. These inverters are lightweight and can be easily transported or moved from one system to another. Inverters ranging from 150W to 3000W are used in recreational systems for charging electronics like cell phones and radios. Inverters ranging from 400W to 1500W are used to operate equipment with higher power consumption like televisions, refrigerators, machinery, power tools, telecommunications equipment, etc. Inverters above 2000W are heavier and require a permanent installation. These inverters range from 2000W to 6000W and can be stacked to form a system of several Kilowatts. They also have a number of advanced features such as load control, internet monitoring, etc. There are a number of accessories for fixed inverters such as pre-wired panels for safe and trouble-free installation.

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