Enclosures and Pre-wired

In this section you can find a large selection of accessories and components for your standalone renewable energy system, whether it is solar, wind or hydro powered. Here you can also find prewired systems that will save you time and money. The prewired systems have been pre-configured; they need to be mounted and connected to the power sources like you solar panels, wind turbine and batteries. For many years Outback Power has offered their Flexpower systems, a series of complete factory tested prewired systems that can accommodate up to 4 of their FX series inverters. Midnite Solar’s compact and durable E-Panels are another prewired solution for OutBack Power FX, VFX, GFX, and GVFX inverters. They include a HUB, a Mate monitor and an optional FM60 charge controller. The complete prewired systems in this section include all the components you need to safely operate and maintain your renewable energy system.

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