Crimping Tools

Solar crimping tools will help any PV installer streamline their solar installations; it is important to have the right tools to do a fast and professional job. These crimping tools have been specifically designed for the cables and connectors used in photovoltaic solar modules. These top-quality tools are engineered for durability and efficiency. They will give you the peace of mind of having consistently safe connections in all of your jobs. As the solar industry has evolved, PV panels have developed to include special connectors that ensure a safe and weatherproof connection to the homerun circuit. Overtime solar panel manufacturers have partnered with different UL certified connector makers; some of the most popular connector brands are Multi-Contact, Tyco Electronics and Amphenol. Each type of connector requires a specific crimping configuration. Some tools have interchangeable die sets allowing you to use the same tool with a series of different connector types, saving you money and space in your toolbox.

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