Wind Power

Wind turbines are a great way to generate renewable energy. They can be added to a PV system or battery back up system as a contributing energy source, or they can be a sole source of energy. The most important thing about installing wind turbines is locating a non-interrupted wind flow zone, away from your house, trees, big rocks and any other interfering objects. Like shade in a PV array, large objects can cause a decrease in efficiently from the friction in airflow, which causes a loss in power production.
Ideally, wind turbines are built on a structure higher than its’ surrounding objects. There is an exponential increase in wind flow every ten feet of elevation gained, when you are at sea level. The power of the wind increases as you get higher, so a 30’ wind turbine will produce about 10% more power than a 20’ mounted turbine, and 25% more power than a generator that is mounted at eye level. Most wind generators reach peak productivity with 30mph wind speeds. Productivity decreases slightly with wind speeds that are faster or slower than 30mph. Wind speed increases with height, therefore, wind generators are more productive when built higher off the ground. However, as you get into high elevation locations, more than 1000 feet above sea level, power production starts to decrease 10% every 1000 feet gained.

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