70W Solar Charging Kit – 12V


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Use this small solar kit for charging individual 12-Volt batteries. The charge controller will prevent the battery from overcharging.

The solar charging kit includes:

1 x SolarLand 70 Watt multicrystalline solar panel (SLP070-12U)

1 x Phocos 10 Amp charge controller (CM 10).

This kit does not need any special cabling. All connections can be made using 10-12AWG copper cable.

Brackets for mounting the module to walls or poles are sold separately (see the accessories tab)


Solar Kit

The solar PV kits include the basic components such as solar panels, inverter(s) and accessories for operation. Depending on the project, it is possible that you will need additional components. All components used in the solar kits are compatible with each other and sized accordingly to ensure optimum system performance.

SolarLand 70W 12V Module


Specification sheet for SolarLand 70-Watt 12-Volt polycrystalline solar module

Phocos CM04 and CM10


Technical specifications for Phocos CM04 and CM10 charge controllers