CITEL 24V Off-Grid Surge Protection DS220-24DC


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Citel surge protection devices (SPD) provide protection against voltage spikes generally caused by lighting, reason why they are also called lighting arrestors. The Citel DS220S-24DC surge arrestor is designed for off-grid solar systems with a 24V circuit nominal voltage. The maximum voltage of the surge protector should not be exceeded in any operation conditions. Use the next higher rated surge arrestor if necessary. The Citel DS220S-24DC surge protectors protect the charge controller and other system electronics, they automatically reset after each lightning surge or electrical transient.

The DS220S-24DC surge protector is a two-pole device that protects the positive and negative lines of your DC circuits. It is DIN mount, it is ideal for placement inside combiner boxes or next to the charge controller. This arrester features a visual fault indicators and the protection modules can be replaced. It is very important that your system is properly grounded to ensure that you receive the maximum protection from your surge arrestor.

Citel model: DS220S-24DC
Nominal circuit voltage: 24VDC
Maximum DC voltage: 30VDC
Nominal discharge current: 1 kA
Maximum discharge current: 2 kA




CITEL Inc manufactures a complete line of surge protective devices (SPD) to protect sensitive equipment from the harmful effects of lightning strikes and other power line disturbances. CITEL is a French company with offices in Miramar, FL. Their expertise is focused in transient voltage surge suppression products and components used in renewable energy applications across the globe.

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