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Enel X JuiceNet Enterprise Software License 1-Year



Order requirement

Required for all JuiceBox Pro commercial EV charging stations.

Volume discount pricing

Call us for projects involving multiple stations.

Connect your commercial JuiceBox station to a WiFi network to monitor power, set reminders, and schedule charge times.

Commercial EV chargers include JuiceNet Business software with a yearly license fee. With the JuiceNet Enterprise software subscription, you will benefit from the advanced features such as user authentication, additional payment options, and advanced energy management and reporting.

Without WiFi connectivity enabled, your JuiceBox station will continue to charge. Any schedules or limits that were previously set up will remain even when the station is no longer connected to a WiFi signal.

When connectivity is enabled, the property owner can log in to the JuiceNet online portal to see real-time and historical charging data.

Consider a JuiceRouter when a WiFi network is not available or proves unreliable; it offers an LTE-to-WiFi solution for up to 16 stations within 150 feet radius.


Enel X

Enel X manages the JuiceBox network of EV chargers from their office in San Carlos, California. Enel X is an international company focused on the energy market; its U.S. branch operates as a startup with the support of a global innovator. They offer a portfolio of smart value-added services and solutions that enable businesses and communities to create, store, use, and manage energy more efficiently, sustainably, and strategically.
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