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Enel X JuicePedestal Commercial Dual Mount with Retractable Cables



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JuicePedestal comes assembled with two JuiceBox Pro units sold separately.

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Call us with project specifications if you are a developer or parking lot owner.

Enel X JuicePedestal allows you to conveniently mount two JuiceBox EV charging stations and offer multiple payment options, including UPT (Universal Payment Transfer). It is UL certified and designed for all-weather conditions allowing you to install JuiceBox Pro EV chargers in virtually any location. The pedestal features a retractable cable management system and universal J1772 ports.

With the Juice Pedestal, parking lot owners will have the option to offer paid or free charging with multiple user authentification methods and open network payment options.

The JuiceBox units on the pedestal can be connected to the internet via cellular, ethernet, or WiFi. Once connected to the JuiceNet platform, it is possible to optimize energy costs by controlling charging times and avoiding excessive demand charges.

The JuicePedestal comes assembled with two JuiceBox Pro units sold separately. Choose between the 32Amp and 40Amp commercial EV chargers. EV drivers will have the option to pay via mobile phone or use the optional credit card terminal.


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Enel X manages the JuiceBox network of EV chargers from their office in San Carlos, California. Enel X is an international company focused on the energy market; its U.S. branch operates as a startup with the support of a global innovator. They offer a portfolio of smart value-added services and solutions that enable businesses and communities to create, store, use, and manage energy more efficiently, sustainably, and strategically.
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