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Enel X JuiceRouter 1G US Data Plan 1-Year



Order requirement

Required for JuiceRouter.

Volume discount pricing

Call us for projects involving multiple stations.

Enel X JuiceRouter data plan is required to connect the JuiceRouter to a group of commercial JuiceBox EV charging stations. At 1G it allows you to connect up to 16 stations to one router using a single data plan.

A 1G US data plan is also required for the JuicePedestal or JuicePump to operate when UPT (Universal Payment Transfer) is needed. The data plan is optional for the JuicePump without UPT if a cellular connection desired.


Enel X

Enel X manages the JuiceBox network of EV chargers from their office in San Carlos, California. Enel X is an international company focused on the energy market; its U.S. branch operates as a startup with the support of a global innovator. They offer a portfolio of smart value-added services and solutions that enable businesses and communities to create, store, use, and manage energy more efficiently, sustainably, and strategically.
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