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Enel X JuiceStand Commercial Single or Dual Mount


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JuiceBox chargers are not included with the JuiceStand.

Order requirement

The JuiceStand is not sold individually; it is sold with the JuiceBox charger only.

Volume discount pricing

Call us with project specifications if you are a developer or parking lot owner.

Enel X JuiceStand is a durable and affordable mounting solution for public and private parking lot owners that want to offer fast Level 2 charging to their EV drivers. Each JuiceStand holds one or two JuiceBox Pro stations; the small footprint makes it ideal for locations with limited parking space.

The JuiceStand is made of steel with a compact industrial design that offers durability and safety in all weather conditions. Choose between the 32Amp and 40Amp commercial JuiceBox units and provide up to two SAE-J1772 ports on a single ground-mounted stand. The JuiceBox Pro units are sold separately and are not included with the JuiceStand.


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Enel X manages the JuiceBox network of EV chargers from their office in San Carlos, California. Enel X is an international company focused on the energy market; its U.S. branch operates as a startup with the support of a global innovator. They offer a portfolio of smart value-added services and solutions that enable businesses and communities to create, store, use, and manage energy more efficiently, sustainably, and strategically.
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