Enphase X-IQ-AM1-240-3 IQ AC Combiner-3 with IQ Envoy, 80A


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The Enphase Combiner enclosure comes with the IQ Envoy and a 80A main output breaker. It has space to accommodate four 2-pole 20A branch circuit breakers allowing you to have all branches coming from the roof parallel-combined into one output.

The AC Combiner enclosure allows you to have all important system connections in one place. The Envoy IQ provides monitoring, control, and communication with every Enphase microinverter in the system, it will immediately notify you via email if any issues or faults are detected. The Envoy IQ can be connected via ethernet, WiFi, and cellular.

The AC Combiner enclosure is durable and reliant, it is NRTL-certified and rated NEMA type 3R for outdoor use. It comes with a five-year warranty.

Electrical characteristics:
Rating: Continuous duty
System voltage: 120/240 VAC, 60Hz

Eaton BR series busbar rating: 125A
Branch circuits: Up to four 2-pole Eaton BR series Distributed Generation (not included)
Max. continuous output current: 65A
Max. fuse/circuit rating: 90A
Max. continuous input current: 64A
Max. total branch circuit breaker: 80A (not included) / 90A with IQ Envoy breaker included

Dimensions: 49.5 x 37.5 x 16.8 cm (19.5” x 14.75” x 6.63”)
Weight: 7.5kg (16.5 lbs)

IQ Envoy AC Combiner accessories:
-Enphase Mobile Connect: cellular modem with a data plan for up to 60 microinverters. Available for 5 and 12 year data plan. Need to check for the availability of cellular service in the installation area.
-Consumption Monitoring CT-200-SPLIT. Enables consumption metering with an accuracy of +/- 2.5%. It is usually required for Enphase Storage Systems.
-Circuit breakers, 2-pole Eaton 15A and 20A.


Enphase Energy

Enphase Energy is a worldwide company with its headquarters located in Petaluma, California. They are a global energy technology company that delivers straightforward, innovative and dependable energy management solutions. The have produced and shipped over 20 million microinverters, primarily in the US and Europe. Enphase Energy is a company committed to quality, reliability and environmental responsibility. Their commitment shows with every product they manufacture. Enphase was the first company to successfully commercialize the microinverter concept on a wide scale, and remains the market leader.

Enphase X-IQ-AM1-240-3


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