Flexcharge PV7D Charge Controller 7A – 12V

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The PV7D charge controller from Flexcharge con be connected to Dual and Single battery banks. It is a cost effective shunting regulator designed for smaller 12V solar only applications with a maximum solar charging current of 7A. The design of these charge controllers is extremely efficient, accurate, salt water spray resistant, and very small (1.5″ x 2″).  It is Ideal for use in a marine environment.

Use with Lead Acid AGM or Gel battery technologies. No heat sink is required on the PV7D because almost no heat that is generated in the high efficiency solid state components. The PV7D includes an easy to read Charge Indicator.

The peak charge voltage is factory set so there are no user adjustments to contend with working with all lead acid battery types.  System wire connections are made by connecting to the controllers four wire pigtails, either by soldering or on a owner supplied terminal strip. The PV7D is designed for install and forget about it!

Features of the Flexcharge PV7D 7A/12V Charge Controller:
– Cost Effective charge controller for Photovoltaic charging sources.
– Reverse polarity protected (Must have Fuse installed)
– Precision Auto assembled using proven Surface Mount Technology
– Hermetically sealed / potted electronics for use in high humidity and salt air environments.
– High efficiency components allows packaging in a very small enclosure.
– All Solid State Design for extra long life and dependability.
– Factory Calibrated for charging lead acid Flooded cell, AGM, and GEL battery technologies.  No user adjustments.
– Full 2 year repair or replacement warranty.
– Charging Indicator displays when the controller is passing charging current to the battery.
– Controller’s circuitry eliminates back flow of current into solar panels during non charging periods.



Flexcharge is the trademarked name for all products manufactured by Seelye Equipment Specialists (SES). SES was established in 1967 and currently have offices in Charlevoix, Michigan. The success of the Flexcharge product line and exceptionally low level of warranty returns is a testament to the level which they have achieved their goals. Flexcharge products are designed with the "install and forget" philosophy. Their charge controllers are operating in harsh environments around the world such as Antarctica, Alaska, Africa, Saudi Arabia, Florida and Canada, Mount Everest and more.

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