Fullriver DC400-6 Deep Cycle AGM Battery – 6V, 400Ah


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Fullriver DC400-6 Deep Cycle AGM Battery offers the highest standard for deep cycle VRLA batteries. They maintain their performance in applications with high vibration levels and deep discharge cycles. Fullriver batteries contain more lead than the standard AGM battery. The additional lead creates stronger connections between cells while heavier plates increase the reserve capacity of each battery.

Fullriver AGM DC batteries were designed to be deeply discharged and recharged hundreds of times; the DC series batteries carry a 7 year warranty. The AGM technology used in Fullriver batteries allow them to be fully sealed, maintenance-free, corrosion-free and non-gassing.

Whether the batteries are for a boat, RV, golf cart, electric vehicle, solar, wind or renewable energy system, the Fullriver DC series AGM batteries are an investment that will enhance the quality of any deep cycle application.

– Positive and negative lead-tin-calcium alloy plates
– Low-resistance microporous glass fiber separators
– Separators prevent acid spills in case of accidental damage
– Highly resistant to shock and vibration ABS material case and lid
– Terminal with brass insert for maximum conductivity
– High compression grommet
– Self-regulating pressure relief valve prevents ingress of atmospheric oxygen
– Unique chemistry allows for longer life in deep cycle applications with no significant reduction in maximum power output

Summary of Fullriver DC series batteries
The following table shows a list of the Fullriver AGM DC series deep cycle batteries. The data is for reference only, for technical specifications please view the product data sheet downloadable below.

Part No. Volts Ah / 20 hr Length (in) Width (in) Height (in) Weight (lbs)
DC224-6 6 Volt 224 Ah 10-1/4 7-1/8 9-3/4 66
DC250-6 6 Volt 250 Ah 10-3/8 7-1/8 10-3/8 77
DC400-6 6 Volt 400 Ah 11-5/8 7-1/8 16-3/4 123
DC85-12 12 Volt 85 Ah 10-1/4 6-3/4 8-1/2 55
DC105-12 12 Volt 105 Ah 12-1/4 6-3/4 8-1/2 67
DC115-12 12 Volt 115 Ah 12-7/8 6-3/4 8-1/2 72


Fullriver Battery

Fullriver Battery is a manufacturer of true deep cycle VRLA batteries. They are located in Camarillo, California and manage production facilities overseas. They market reliable AGM and Gel batteries for renewable energy applications such as wind and solar. They also design and produce batteries for a number of applications such as motor sports, automotive, golf carts, industrial, oil and gas, RVs, emergency vehicles, commercial trucking and backup power.

Fullriver DC400-6


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