Grid-Tie 5310W Solar System SolarEdge + QCELLS + IronRidge


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This complete solar PV system offers the most cost effective way to bring solar power to your rooftop. The monocrystalline Q-CELLS solar panels are all black for a aesthetically pleasing installation. All exposed racking components are also black finish to match the color of the panel frame. The SolarEdge inverter and optimizers allow you to efficiently connect your solar panels to the electric grid even in challenging roof layouts and extended shading scenarios.

This 5310W grid tie solar system is composed of:
(18) Hanwha Q CELLS 295W all black monocrystalline solar panel*
(1) SolarEdge SE3800H-US HD Wave 3800W 240V inverter
(18) SolarEdge P320 power optimizer
(2) 30ft MC4 10AWG output PV-Cable
(1) IronRidge racking system for a 2-row x 9-column configuration
(2) Hellermann PV-safety label package
(1) Wiley ACE-2P pass-through box

The IronRidge racking system is composed of:
(4) XR-100-168B – XR100, Rail 168″ (14 Feet) Black
(4) XR-100-204B – XR100, Rail 204″ (17 Feet) Black
(6) FM-FF1-002 – Kit, 6pcs, FlashFoot, Mill
(4) XR-100-SPLC-BD – Kit, XR100 Bonded Splice
(2) 29-4000-077 – Wire Clips, Molded PVC Black, Polybag 20
(1) XR-100-CAP – Kit, End Cap XR100 (10 sets per bag)
(10) UFO-CL-001-B – Kit, 4pcs, Universal Module Clamp
(9) MI-BHW – Kit, 1/4 x 3/4 Microinverter Bonding Hardware, T-Bolt
(1) GD-LUG-003 – Kit, 2pcs, Grounding Lug, Low Profile
(2) UFO-STP-32MM-B – Kit, 4pcs, Stopper Sleeve, 32MM, Black

The IronRidge racking configuration for this system has been designed for**:
Flush roof mount
Composite shingle pitched roof
Rows with equal number of panels
Portrait orientation
Building up to 30ft High
Maximum roof slope 30deg
Roof exposure B
Risk category I
100mph wind speed
10psf ground snow load
7-10 ASCE code
Integrated grounding

* May be substituted with with a different PV solar panel
** Racking system is fully customizable

About Hanwha Q CELLS 290W all black monocrystalline solar panel
The Q.PEAK BLK-G4.1 solar panels by Hanwha Q CELLS are engineered in Germany, manufactured in South Korea and sold by Q-CELLS North America in Irvine CA. They operate at a peak efficiency of 16.5% performing extremely well under low light conditions, for example, during overcast weather.

The 32mm black frame of the panel is made with high strength anodized aluminum. I can withstand 5400Pa snow loads and 4000Pa wind loads. They are Class A, certified for UL 1703 and CE-compliant. Q CELLS solar panels come with a 12-year product warranty and 25-year linear performance guarantee.

Model number: Q.PEAK BLK-G4.1 295
Dimensions: 65.7in × 39.4in × 1.26in / 1670mm × 1000mm × 32mm

Weight: 41.45 lb / 18.8 kg

Frame: Black anodized aluminum

Cells: 6 × 10 monocrystalline Q.ANTUM solar cells
Cable: 4mm2 Solar cable, 39in / 1000mm with MC4 comparable connectors
Nominal power: 295W

Short Circuit Current Isc: 9.70A
Open Circuit Voltage Voc: 39.48V
Current at MPP Imp: 9.17A
Voltage at MPP Vmp: 32.19V

About SolarEdge Inverter and Optimizers
The SolarEdge Single Phase Inverters utilizes state of the art DC to AC inversion technology to achieve sophisticated solar power harvesting and output. SolarEdge inverters are designed to work with SolarEdge power optimizers and can achieve up to 97% efficiency when both are installed together.

The power algorithm in the SolarEdge residential inverters allows the PV system to operate at peak efficiency with any string length. These inverters are engineered to operates at peak performance even in harsh weather conditions.

The SolarEdge Single Phase Inverters are small and lightweight, but are extremely durable, and are appealingly easy to install. They are designed for easy, single person installation, and can be installed indoors or outdoors.

They also come with built-in wireless internet communication, arc fault protection (type 1) and are compliant for NEC 2011 690.11. Guaranteed high performance for the the lifetime of your PV system. 12 year warranty, extendable to 20 or 25 years.

SolarEdge optimizers are designed to replace the traditional junction box and are used as a DC/DC converter. They are attached to each PV module individually by simply clipping to the PV module frame or rail. Optimizers, as implied by their name, are used to increase the PV systems energy output and efficiency by up to 25%. The optimizers do this by monitoring the maximum power point (MPPT) of each individual PV panel and track each panel’s performance.

The SolarEdge monitoring portal then displays the tracked information, and allows the user to better understand the system’s performance and how best to maintain your array. The SolarEdge optimizers also help stabilize PV performance by mitigating system off sets caused by shading or other situations that cause miss-match output performance. Each optimizer also has a safety feature called the SafeDC which will automatically shut down the system’s DC voltage if ever the grid power is shut down.

The SolarEdge optimizer’s are extremely versatile when it comes to installation. They can be installed in long or short strings and in any orientation. One of the most appealing features is how easy the optimizer’s can be installed. They are compatible with any c-Si and thin film modules, and are designed to withstand severe weather conditions.  SolarEdge also guarantees quality and longevity of the optimizer’s performance by offering a 25 year warranty.

About IronRidge Racking Systems
The series of XR Rails designed and manufactured by IronRidge features a curved profile to increase the strength of the mounting structure. The XR100 rail is made for residential applications. It supports the most common wind and snow conditions and building requirements while optimizing the span.

The use of IronRidge UFO (Universal Fastening Object) simplifies the amount of hardware needed for your solar installation. It comes preassembled with a grounding washer, creating a bonding point with each attachment and a consistent grounding connection across the solar array.

The Universal Fastening Object from IronRidge features a diagonal T bolt that slides in the top slot of the XR rails simplifying the installation and sometimes permitting a one-person one-hand fastening job. The same UFO clamp can be used as a end clamp by pairing it with a Stopper Sleeve.

IronRidge’s integrated grounding system is certified for UL2703. All the parts of the racking system are mechanically and electrically bonded together, the entire solar array, including the solar panels and all racking components, can be grounded with one single lug.

The system comes with Rail Caps and Wire Clips. The end caps for IronRidge XR Rails are made of UV resistant polycarbonate. They prevent water, dust and debris from accumulating inside the rails. They also provide a better finish look to your racking system. The wire clip snaps in the top slot of IronRidge XR Rails. They are made of UV resistant polycarbonate and can accommodate up to ten 5mm panel wires. They are a great wire management solution to keep all wires under the solar array from being in direct contact with the roof surface.

The FlashFoot made by IronRidge has everything you need to securely and safely attach your racking and solar panels to your roof. It is specifically designed for composite shingle pitched roofs; a single FlashFoot is composed of a water proofing flashing, lag screw, L-Foot and hardware. The FlashFoot is the best guarantee that your roof penetrations will not leak water overtime.

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