IronRidge UFO Stopper Sleeve 38mm Black – 1pc


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Use the Stopper Sleeve to convert the UFO into an end clamp. It is also available in clear and black finish to match the rest of the racking system and the color of your solar panel frame. The Stopper Sleeve come in 6 sizes to accommodate solar panels with frames ranging from 30mm to 48mm in thickness.

The use of IronRidge UFO (Universal Fastening Object) simplifies the amount of hardware needed for your solar installation. It comes preassembled with a grounding washer, creating a bonding point with each attachment and a consistent grounding connection across the solar array. The same UFO clamp is used as a end clamp by pairing it with a Stopper Sleeve.

The Universal Fastening Object from IronRidge features a diagonal T bolt that slides in the top slot of the XR rails simplifying the installation and sometimes permitting a one-person one-hand fastening job. 

IronRidge’s integrated grounding system is certified for UL2703. All the parts of the racking system are mechanically and electrically bonded together, the entire solar array, including the solar panels and all racking components, can be grounded with one single lug. The Universal Fastening Object comes in clear or black finish.

Use the table below to select the part number of the stopper sleeve required in your project. The right size depends on the thickness of the solar panel’s aluminum frame.

Item NumberDescription
UFO-STP-32MMKit Stopper Sleeve, 32MM, Clear
UFO-STP-33MMKit Stopper Sleeve, 33MM, Clear
UFO-STP-35MMKit Stopper Sleeve, 35MM, Clear
UFO-STP-38MMKit Stopper Sleeve, 38MM, Clear
UFO-STP-40MMKit Stopper Sleeve, 40MM, Clear
UFO-STP-46MMKit Stopper Sleeve, 46MM, Clear
UFO-STP-32MM-BKit Stopper Sleeve, 32MM, Black
UFO-STP-33MM-BKit Stopper Sleeve, 33MM, Black
UFO-STP-35MM-BKit Stopper Sleeve, 35MM, Black
UFO-STP-38MM-BKit Stopper Sleeve, 38MM, Black
UFO-STP-40MM-BKit Stopper Sleeve, 40MM, Black
UFO-STP-46MM-BKit Stopper Sleeve, 46MM, Black



IronRidge designs and manufactures structural hardware for residential and commercial solar systems. For nearly 20 years, they have worked closely with solar professionals across the globe to build products that are strong, simple and cost-effective. IronRidge's mission is to Make Solar Stronger. They design and test every product in the most extreme conditions possible, then certify them for compliance with the latest engineering and building codes. Their racking products are also supported with powerful online tools and experienced support teams. IronRidge's main office is in Hayward CA, they also have offices in AZ and PA.

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