IronRidge XR10 Rail 204″ (17 Feet) – Black


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IronRidge rails and hardware are sold exclusively with complete systems.

The IronRidge XR10 Rail 204 inches in length is built to handle the most extreme climates and span up to 6 feet. XR rails feature IronRidges’s signature curved profile, resisting against buckling, twisting, and uplift.

The rails’ capacity to support large spams reduces roof attachments and installation time on the roof. IronRidge is a brand trusted by thousands of installers across the US. Their products are UL listed and fully pre-engineered, so no additional calculations are required, eliminating the need for engineering stamps.

The rails and the hardware in IronRidge’s mounting system are fully bonded, translating into minimum grounding connections across the solar arrays.

The XR rails are available in clear and black finish. They are made of 6000-series aluminum alloy, then protected with an anodized finish, preventing corrosion and providing an attractive appearance.

The XR rails are categorized in three series, the XR10, XR100, and XR1000, each series offers specific design loads and building spans. The rail selection depends on your location (i.e. wind, snow loads) and your project layout, but be confident that there is an XL rail for every PV project.

The XR1000 is the most robust rail of the three; it handles extreme weather conditions and spans 12 feet or more for ground mounts and commercial applications.

The XR100 was engineered for residential applications. It supports the most common wind and snow conditions while allowing a span of up to 8 feet.

The XR10 is the most economical rail. It is a low-profile rail meeting the requirements of regions with light or no snow. It spans 6 feet while maintaining a sleek look.

For a full design of your racking system, including bill of materials and engineering report use IronRidge’s online tool.

Summary of all available IronRidge XR rails:

Part number Description
XR-1000-132A XR1000, Rail 132” (11 Feet) Clear
XR-1000-168A XR1000, Rail 168” (14 Feet) Clear
XR-1000-204A XR1000, Rail 204” (17 Feet) Clear
XR-100-132A XR100, Rail 132” (11 Feet) Clear
XR-100-132B XR100, Rail 132” (11 Feet) Black
XR-100-168A XR100, Rail 168” (14 Feet) Clear
XR-100-168B XR100, Rail 168” (14 Feet) Black
XR-100-204A XR100, Rail 204” (17 Feet) Clear
XR-100-204B XR100, Rail 204” (17 Feet) Black
XR-10-132A XR10, Rail 132” (11 Feet) Clear
XR-10-132B XR10, Rail 132” (11 Feet) Black
XR-10-168A XR10, Rail 168” (14 Feet) Clear
XR-10-168B XR10, Rail 168” (14 Feet) Black
XR-10-204A XR10, Rail 204” (17 Feet) Clear
XR-10-204B XR10, Rail 204” (17 Feet) Black



IronRidge designs and manufactures structural hardware for residential and commercial solar systems. For nearly 20 years, they have worked closely with solar professionals across the globe to build products that are strong, simple and cost-effective. IronRidge's mission is to Make Solar Stronger. They design and test every product in the most extreme conditions possible, then certify them for compliance with the latest engineering and building codes. Their racking products are also supported with powerful online tools and experienced support teams. IronRidge's main office is in Hayward CA, they also have offices in AZ and PA.

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