Magnum Energy ME-BTS Battery Temperature Sensor

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Use the Magnum Energy ME-BTS battery temperature sensor with Magnum charge controllers and inverters to gauge the actual state of charge of the batteries. The ME-BTS will allow you to extend the life cycle of your batteries by avoiding overcharging and discharging your battery bank.

The ME-BTS is an essential accessory, it comes in 15′, 25′ and 40′ cable lengths. The installation is simple, plug one end of the CAT cable to your inverter, bolt the other end to the battery terminal, and you are good to go; no additional settings are needed.

Available models:
ME-BTS-15 (15ft cable)
ME-BTS-25 (25ft cable)
ME-BTS-40 (40ft cable)


Magnum Energy

Magnum Energy is a manufacturer of inverters and inverter/chargers for off-grid applications and grid applications that require backup power. Magnum has over 150 years of combined experience in the design and manufacturing of energy equipment and has incorporated new design and manufacturing techniques to build some of the most reliable inverters in the industry. The Magnum-Dimensions brand began as two well-known inverter companies, Dimensions Inverters and Magnum Energy. Dimensions Inverters joined Sensata Technologies in 2007 and Magnum Energy in 2014. Under the Magnum-Dimensions brand, Sensata Technologies continues to manufacture exceptional inverters, inverter/chargers, and accessories. Manufactured in Everett, Washington, and St. Paul, Minnesota, Sensata products are shipped worldwide and operated in extreme conditions and climates.