Magnum Energy Single Power Center 48V 4.4kW


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This Magnum Single Power Center is built with one MS4448PAE inverter/charger to supply 4400W of continuous energy. It comes with a Magnum Panel wiring enclosure that provides safe terminals, busbars, and the space for the proper circuit protection.

The MPSL175-30D is part of this Power Center and it Magnum Panel includes inverter input breakers, 175A main DC disconnect breaker, inverter AC input and output cables, data communication cables, AC system bypass switch, DC shunt, inverter hood, and a mounting bracket for the monitor.

For expansion, use an MPXS175-30D (left or right) to add a second MS4448PAE inverter to the Single Power Center. 

This 48 VDC power system supplies continuous 120/240 VAC pure sine wave power to match or surpass the utility’s electricity quality.

The Power Center does not come assembled, but Magnum Energy provides detailed wiring diagrams, installation manuals, and a comprehensive document library that will help you throughout the installation and operation of the system.

The Power Center comes with a mounting backplate to easily mount on a wall. The MS4448PAE inverter is compatible with most commercial fuel generators; add a Magnum’s ME-AGS-N Automatic Generator Start to switch the generator on and off based on the batteries’ state of charge. You will have the option to add a Magnum PT-100 charge controller (not included) to the side of the enclosure to have over 6000W of solar charging capacity.

The Power Center includes a Magnum ME-ARC50 Monitor that you will need to adjust the system settings; it also includes data communication cables. The standard warranty for the MS-PAE inverters is three years, but it is extended to five years when installed using a Magnum MP wiring panel.

Magnum Energy Single Power Center 48V 4400W

Includes the following components:

(1) Magnum Energy MS4448PAE 4000W 48V Inverter Charger
(1) Magnum Energy MPSL175-30D Panel
(1) Magnum Energy BP-S Single Back Plate
(1) Magnum Energy ME-ARC50 Advanced Remote Control
– Configured for 48V operation
– Wiring diagrams provided
– Does not come assembled

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Magnum MS-PAE Inverter Datasheet


Datasheet for Magnum series MS-PAE pure sine wave inverter/chargers

Magnum Panel Manual


Installation and owner's manual for Magnum Energy MP Panels