Magnum Energy Single Power Center with MS4448PAE Inverter


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This power center is built with one MS4448PAE inverter-charger unit to supply 4kW of continuous energy. The supplied Magnum Panel enclosure provides the space for the proper circuit protection and safe connections. The Magnum Panel includes inverter input breakers, main DC disconnect breaker (175A or 250A), inverter AC input and output cables, data communication cables, AC system by pass switch, DC shunt, inverter hoods (one per inverter) and monitor mounting bracket. 

This power system is the ideal solution for back up power, AC coupling and high power demand off-grid applications; it supplies continuous 120/240 VAC pure sine wave power. It does not come assembled; detailed wiring diagrams and installation manuals are provided by Magnum Energy. The mounting back plate and wiring extension boxes are supplied with the power system. 

The MS-PAE inverter-charger is compatible with most commercial fuel generators; use the Magnum’s ME-AGS-N Automatic Generator Start to automatically switch the generator on and off  based on the batteries’ state of charge. A Magnum PT-100 charge controller (not included) can easily be mounted to the side of the enclosure in order to use solar panels to aid in the charging of the battery bank. 

The power center comes with router needed for the inverters to communicate. Data communication cables are also included. The limited warranty of the MS4448-PAE inverter-charger is extended to 5 years when installed using Magnum MP panels. The standard warranty for the MS-PAE units is 3 years. 

This Single inverter-charger 48V Magnum Energy power center includes the following components (it does not come assembled):
(1) Magnum Energy MS4448PAE 4000W 48V Inverter Charger
(1) Magnum Energy MPSL175-30D Panel
(1) Magnum Energy BP-S Single Back Plate
(1) Magnum Energy ME-ARC50 Monitor

– Configured for 48V operation
– Freight delivery included
– Wiring diagrams provided
– Does not come assembled

A pre-wired and pre-assembled version of this system can be found at

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